Monday, June 2, 2008

Letter from a customer

Hi Fran,

We purchased some of your damaged bag DE (55#) some time ago. I just wanted to let you know how incredibly wonderful it is!! We have been feeding it to our horses (3 of which are rescues) and have seen phenomenal results!! I beleive at least one of the rescues stayed alive because of the DE. I think the better nutrient absorption because of taking the DE was a huge factor in her recovery. One of our mares just gave birth last week to her first foal. I believe that the DE made this baby stronger and healthier. She is more vibrant as well as strong on her pasturns. More so, than we have witnessed with other newborn foals prior to the DE. I also take it for my own health and love the effects it has for me as well.

I also wanted to let you know that I am on quite a few lists and have passed on your web address. While telling people on the list about the benefits of DE, I also let them know how honest, dependable and easy to work with you and your company are. Also, Loli Johnson from Good Earth in Utah County called me today to ask where the store could order it. I sent her your information. a couple of weeks I will probably need 2-3 more bags if you will have them available. ...

Thank you so much! Kimberly

PS~ Would you mind if we put your link on our website? I would like to write a small blurb about DE and include your link...Let me know what you think... thanks so much!